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Military University

Library Introduction

Library Information

Joint Forces Military University(JFMU) (Army, Navy, Air Force Colleges) is the best educational organization and a sanctuary of learning with its prestigious history and tradition and is founded for the purpose of nurturing elite leading members for future Army, Navy, Air force with knowledge, virtue, loyalty.

Above all, in order to realize "Education and Training come first Principle" JMFU is contributing to nurturing commanders, staff officers to actively respond to current and future warfare by educating them necessary basic knowledge and techniques.

Therefore, JMFU library's first priority is to gather, organize, accumulate, and process all the information in order to support the elevation of educational quality for each college and revitalization and provide our instructors and students with the information at an appropriate time.

In addition, the library is open to all military personnel of Jaundae area and is performing as the central library of Jaundae area.

Facility Guide

First Floor (356 ㎥)

- Military data : Materials such as military-related books, periodicals published by military organization, Manuals, preserving data are located. Some materials can only be accessed inside the library

- Dissertations and research papers : Dissertations and research papers are categorically arranged published inside and outside the military.

- Continuous periodicals: Academic papers, magazines, cultural magazines, historical materials, newspapers are located but they can only be accessed inside the library.

Second Floor (433 ㎥)

- Military related books and cultural books are individually arranged according to topics and one can directly go to the check-out desk and borrow books.

- Reference room : There are materials such as special knowledge based books and information. Especially, materials such as general dictionary, special dictionary, encyclopedia, language dictionary, and visitors' books, yearbooks, and statue books.

Third floor (376 ㎥)

- There are reading areas for 100 people on the third floor and they can be used freely

- In the digital reference room there are 8 internet PCs, 21 intranet PCs. You can get original texts of books from National Defense University and Korea National Assembly Library.

- Media room : There are military-related data and cultural media materials and language materials (DVD/CD-ROM, AUDIO/VIDEO TAPE). Up to 30 people can sit down and watch in this room

- There are Study room, research room where a group of people can have debate freely and study. There are 15 seats and 8 seats in Study room, Research room respectively.

User Guide

Opening hours
Section Summer period Winter period
Weekdays 08:00 ~ 21:00 08:30 ~ 21:00
Weekend 09:00 ~ 18:00
* Free reading room : 24 hours
(Not allowed leave your possessions on your seats without being present)
Visitor and Loan Period / Loaned Books
Classification Number (books) Loan Period (Days) Extended Loan Period
Student Officer 50 70 1 Time (20days)
Instructor / Professor 30 60 1 Time (30days)
Base Officers / Civilian Servants 20 30 1 Time (20days)
JAUN Area Staff & Military Family 5 15 1 Time (7days)
Enlisted, Others (Authorized) 5 15 1 Time (7days)

Material Guide

Section Current material status (as of  6. 23. 2020)
Total 237,421 kinds / 440,663 books
General materials 179,828 kinds / 218,724 books
Military materials 45,041 kinds / 169,596 books
Electronic materials 12,007 kinds / 12,704 books
Periodicals 545 kinds / 39,326 books
Special books 84 kinds / 313 books
Material donation cooperation

Please donate personal possessions of books such as papers published in each unit and organization (research products).

All the materials will be invaluable to satisfy various students' needs and the library exist to share knowledge together.

Knowledge will be more productive by sharing and it is a foundation stone for improve our combat power.

Where to send : Joint Forces Military University Library PO BOX 78-300, Chumok Dong, Yuseong Gu, Daejon City, Republic of Korea (Postal Code : 34060)