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Yoseoung Oncheon

A very historic place which was founded during the Baekjae dynasty where the Baekjae warrior’s legend still thrives. The steam water abundant elements of kalium, natrium, etc, where are good for skin care and adult disease.

Bomoon Mt

A nature park location at the heart of Daejeon city with a height of 457.6m. Many of Baekjae dynasty’s culture such as the Yoohee Dang, Bongsoroo, Bomoon Temple site thrives and comprises resting areas

Gyejok Mt

Many of Baekjae dynasty’s culture such as mountain wall. Wooamji park. Dongchun Dang. Ssangchung Dang. Okyugak exits. The sunset view form the Gyejok mountain wall is beautiful and it is considered one Daejeon’s 8 most beautiful location

Goobong Mt.

the Goobong mountain is 264.1m tall and is composed of strange rocks and biazzare stones. This mountain was considered the Goobong Choksuk even in the past and was considered one of the Daejeon’s 8 most beautiful sites, and was loved by poets. The Gapchun river flows south of the mountain and it is most beautiful in the tall

Daechung Lake

Derth is 72.8m and the lake was developed in 1980 by the Geumgang Area Development project. This is the life line that provides water for agriculture as well as for the industry in the Daejeon, Chuugnam/Chuugbook province. The Hoban road is famous for an all season drive course

shickjang Mt

Located at southeast of Deajeon and total height of 623.6m where nature thrives. There are Gosan Temple, Gaeshim Temple located at the foot of the mountain. Furthermore, the climbing course is well developed and it’s most beautiful in spring

Jangtae Mt

The Jangtae mountain located in Seogu Jangan dong and is a 186m mountain. The mountain composes spacious area for convenience facilities including a parking lot.