Joint Forces 
Military University

JFMU Institute


JMFU research center was newly founded in December 1st 2011 by integrating research functions of Army, Naval, Air Force War colleges. We also carry out coordination and controlling research activities of the university in general and play a pivotal role in making the university as the hub of education and research by holding and supporting academic conference and seminars. We also revitalize exchange activities between military and non-military organizations and civilian universities and put our utmost efforts to nurture the leaders of next generation.

I would like to ask for your continuous interest and support for the center and also for your noble opinions.

JMFU Research Center Director

Mission / Function

  • Coordination and control of research activities
  • Research of operating the center and related fields
  • Exchange and cooperation with inside and outside the country research organizations
  • Hold and support academic conferences(symposium) and seminar
  • Acquisition and management of research data, issue and distribute publications of Joint, Army, Navy, Air Force colleges


  • December 1st, 2011 : Joint research center was organized under the joint combat development division within JFMU
    (integrating research functions of each college)
  • December 1st, 2012 : Reinforcing Joint research center composition
    (Separated from combat development/doctrine planning branch)
  • 1st January 2014 : Joint forces Military University Research Center reinforced its research capability
    (Position adjustment : admin → research position / 3 personnel, transfer to Combat Development
    Doctrine Development Directorate)
  • 1st January 2017 : Organization Reform
    (Joint combat Development Directorate → Academic Affairs Directorate)