Joint Forces 
Military University

Motto / Emblem


Foremost strategy

- Personal value of student officers.
- Demonstrate knowledge of strategy while enrolled at JFMU.

Victory through jointness

- The value of military existence.
- Achieve victory through jointness

Loyalty to country

- What loyalty heading to subject of loyalty
- Protect the homeland and contribute to world peace


Institute of learning

- The pen, book, and character 大 signify the premiere military education institute
- JFMU strives to education military specialists of highest intellectual caliber

The starting point of jointness

- The star, anchor and wings signify the Republic of Korea Armed Forces
- JFMU is the staring point of joint education for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine officers that will one day lead the joint battlefield

The foundation of victory

- The sword, Laurel and Rose of Sharon signify valor, victory, honor and history
- JFMU will demonstrate their loyalty to country by achieving joint victory when needed

Green, Navy, Blue, Red

- It means that Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines are heading together for a bright future.
- Each color means each service branch.

a C shape formation

- It means united efforts of all JFMU service members for the growth of the JFMU.